7 Ways for Your Home to Stand Out in a Crowd



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Walking from room to room should be an easy process. Move sofas, chairs, or anything that obstructs the flow of traffic. If there is a beautiful view out a picture window, allow the buyer to walk over and look out the window. Arrange furniture in bedrooms in a way that maximizes the spaciousness of the room. If there is just too much furniture in your home for rooms to look spacious, moving some of your furniture to a storage unit is a great option. You can also use the storage unit to house all the nick-knacks you have collected over the years. The idea is to have each room look as light and airy as possible. The end goal is to have your home look as much like a model home in a new community as humanly possible. Having a good flow and de-cluttering (#2) go hand in hand.


You have heard this a million times and it cannot be emphasized enough! The buyer for your home needs to picture themselves in your home. In their minds, they want to place their furniture, pictures, etc. in your home to see how it feels. It helps to remove most family photos. A framed picture by the bed is ok, but the wall of photos should be removed.

Buyers like a nice open feel so the less clutter the better while still retaining a feeling of home.


When buyers walk up to a home and the first thing they see is rotted wood at the front door or possibly mildew on the sidewalk and overgrown bushes, it sets the tone for the showing. If your front area is screaming that it is in need of repair, the buyer will assume that the maintenance for the whole home has been neglected. The  buyer will then proceed to look in every corner and pick your home apart.

Decks should be stained, brick with missing mortar should be pointed, sidewalks should be clean and bushes trimmed.  Should a buyer decide to put in an offer on a property where these minor issues are not addressed, it may not be the offer you were hoping for. Generally a few repairs (and most are not as costly as you might suspect) will put the buyer at ease right from the start, resulting in a higher offer.


Look for nicks, scuffs and areas where the paint is worn or dingy. A nice clean appearance will win the showing every time. Just as #2 states, a good first impression will result in a higher offer.


When you leave for a showing, are the dishes done and put away? Is the trash emptied? Are the toys put away? Are the kitchen counters free of clutter? Is the house dusted, vacuumed and the kitchen and bath sparkling? Are the windows clean? If you can answer YES, then you are ready for buyers to see your home! Most buyers need a hands-on experience, so they run the water in the sink, open a cabinet to see how it feels when it opens and shuts, open a closet to see how much space there is. Everything should be as neat and clean as you are able to do. If you are challenged in this area, consider hiring a cleaning person/company to do the job for you.







The best way to get buyers to hightail it out of your house is to have a home that stinks. If you know there are issues with pet odor, cooking odor, smoke odor, etc., your choices are to get rid of the smell or list your house for less than market value. There are companies that deal with smells that can help rid your home of odors. Sometimes a coat of paint, washing the curtains and having upholstery and rugs cleaned can get rid of smoke and cooking odors. Pet odors are a little harder to handle but there are remedies for that also. Dehumidifiers can decrease or eliminate musty smells. If you are unsure if you are have an offensive odor in your home, invite a friend you can trust to be honest over for an independent review.


Mold is a buyer hot button. They will run from mold in a basement every day of the week. To get a handle on this, start with a dehumidifier. Replace moldy drywall if possible. Drylocking the walls after the mold has been removed might be a good solution, but consulting with a mold remediation company or mold expert is best since each situation is different. If you want top dollar for your listing, any mold issues must be addressed. If you don’t want to deal with it and getting top dollar is not an issue, call me do discuss it further.

As always, if you have any questions, contact me directly or fill out the contact form at the top right of this page. Call me when you are ready to list your home so I can show you my full customized marketing plan to sell you home for top $$$$. I make selling your home easy and stress free. I never met a home I couldn’t sell!

In the meantime… you have some staging to do!!!



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